Free Desktop Wallpaper Tribute: Remembering Steve Jobs


The whole world mourns today the passing away of one uniquely genius man, Steve Jobs. Apple Inc Chairman and former CEO died last night after a long battle with a rare form of pancreatic cancer. He will be remembered as our emblematic visionary who transformed our lives and shaped our technology. A brilliant man who changed our world and made it better, more exciting and more interesting with innovative Apple products we enjoyed using like iMac, iPod, iPhone and the iPad.

As a small tribute, we rounded up and compiled some of the best Steve Jobs wallpaper around in his honor and remembrance. Goodbye Mr. Jobs. Thank you and we will surely miss you.

1. Pinoylive Steve Jobs Wallpaper

2. Bite that Apple, younger Steve Jobs wallpaper

3. Steve Jobs Apple OS X Wallpaper

4. Steve Jobs Typography Wallpaper

5. Steve Jobs White Background Wallpaper

6. In Memory of Steve Jobs Wallpaper

7. Steve Jobs Commemorative Mosaic Wallpaper

8. Steve Jobs Galaxy Background Wallpaper

9. Steve Jobs Influencers Wallpaper

10. Steve Jobs Here’s to the Crazy Ones Wallpaper

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