40 Ultra-wide Blissful Digital Art Landscapes


Previously we featured eight ultra-wide wallpapers here in Graphic Design Free Resources. Now I got 40 ultra-wide digital art landscapes that you can use as wallpapers for your dual heads or ultra-wide monitors, or backgrounds for your designs.

Most 3D landscape artworks like these are created using mainstream 3D softwares like Maya, 3D studio Max, Lightwave, Cinema 4D, and the likes. Another interesting program to create and render such breathtaking 3D landscapes is World Construction Set by 3D Nature. 3D Nature’s World Constructions Set 6 is a Geographical Information System (GIS) based landscape creation program. It can be used to create still work as well as animations. It is based on a spherical planet using longitude and latitude.

Along with Visual Nature Studio, this 3D software combo will enable you to model, render and animate natural and manmade environments of any size and complexity with complete photorealism. World Construction Set and Visual Nature Studio are widely recognized as the best terrain visualization software packages available in the market today. 

But World Construction Set is not something that you can easily play with. It was designed extensively to meet the needs of professional 3D and landscape artists. WCS works with real-world data and environments making it a powerful program that allows you to create very complex worlds. And powerful programs such as these takes time to skillfully master. If you’re looking for an easy-to-learn out-of-the-box program that makes precooked 3D worlds, WCS is not for you. But if you want the power to create anything your imagination tells you, and are willing to sweat it out, then World Construction Set is a great tool of choice.

So much for our WCS review, but hopefully I was able to share with you small piece of information about creating 3D landscapes such as these 40 blissful 3D landscapes we are featuring today here in Graphic Design Free Resources. These images are measured 3200 x 1200 pixels, perfect for dual or wide monitor wallpapers. Enjoy.






Download link:
40 Ultra-wide Blissful Digital Art Landscapes – 20.04MB

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