40 High-resolution Breathtaking City Landscape


Today, I was able to gather some 40 stunning city landscape images perfect for wallpaper or design background. Some I think are photoshopped and some are just outstanding urban photographies. These are all presented in glorious 1920 x 1080 pixel sized images.

Although urban photography covers many different areas or aspects of city landscape, four very interesting types of urban photography are included in this selection which I have listed as preview below. Another interesting gist in urban photography is that aside from the many aspects of it, the photographer also has many options in creating an attractive image changing the often bare and gritty landscape into something vibrant and exciting particularly playing around its own unique lighting qualities from streetlights, buildings, shop windows and car headlights.

1. Motorways and Highways – Highways certainly are worthy subjects and can create not only attractive images but are also thought provoking.


2. Skylines – The city skyline has always been a great source for stunning and impressive urban photography images. Wherever there is a high viewpoint over looking the city or a distant landscape of city towers and buildings there will always be a photographer taking that shot.

3. Urban Panoramas – Similar to the skyline images but uses a technique where either a specialist lens has been used or several pictures have been stitched together to create a very wide angled image of a city landscape.

4. Arches – Every city landscape will be full of various different types of bridges all of which will have their own set of arches underneath. These arches not only provide the landscape with form and breaks in the urban setting but also provide a frame for other urban spaces.

You may download all city landscape images below:
City landscape wallpaper images


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