33 Free Beautiful Minimalist Color and Monochrome Wallpapers


We are all familiar with the design motto “Less is more”. When design is optimized to have no more than the fundamentals or what is needed, it can transcend beyond the norm reflecting purity, simplicity and cleanliness. Minimalism though simple and unadorned, is not boring, but can be very attractive and achieve beautiful results.

In this article, we explore the minimalism in the context of wallpaper designs. Particularly, minimalist color and monochrome wallpapers. A minimalist color scheme is normally limited to 2 or at most 3 colors, while monochrome is having only one color represented by differing hues, tints and shades.  Minimalist wallpaper designs are good desktop backgrounds because they are relaxing to look at and gives you less clutter on your desktop.

So here they are, 33 free beautiful minimalist color and monochrome wallpapers for everyone. Hope you enjoy it!

1. Minimalist Cubistic Walltastic by ineedfire

2. Evidence of the Divine by Allen Ellison

3. Shallow Wallpaper by Evilbright

4. Sugar Wallpaper by Robbie

5. Grass Blade Wallpaper by Evilbright

6. Cups by Robbie

7. Man with a mission by 3tx

8. Take a break by Sujanan

9. Red & White by Apolyptica

10. White Wallpaper by Robbie

11. Letters from Iwo Jima by Lioncourt82

12. Golden 1 by Robbie

13. Winterthur 034 Blues by Yago Veith

14. Monumental Modern SIA-ZH by Yago Veith

15. Soft Visions II by Yago Veith

16. The Path of Spring by Yago Veith

17. Monochromatic by  Gina

18. Green Mamba by Yago Veith

19. Wind Trap by Raul Lieberwirth

20. Minimalist by Dandelgrosso

21. Bleach from Mini Tokyo

22. Chain of Justice from Mini Tokyo

23. A Dream from Mini Tokyo

24. Lethal Beauty from Mini Tokyo

25. Black Rock Shooter from Mini Tokyo

26. That Uchiha Guy from Mini Tokyo

27. Devil Angel – Tomose Shunsaku from Mini Tokyo

28. Aqua eye beauty from Desktop Nexus

29. Surfer silhouette by dicid from Crestock.com

30. High Heels by Dolgachov from Crestock.com

31. Abstract Valentine Background by Lizard

32. Monochrome blond geometry #3 by dolgachov from Crestock.com

33. Sea Turtle by sharply_done from Crestock.com


  1. GFXBD 27 August, 2010 at 20:51

    Wow very selective wallpaper. All of these are appealing. I could use it for my graphic design of any kind. Thanks for sharing these nice pack of wallpaper collection.

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