2010 Spooky Halloween Wallpapers

The coolest and spookiest holiday is just around the corner. “Jack o’ Lanterns“, pumpkins, skeletons, scarecrows, witches, costume parties, “trick-or-treats”, etc. are just some of the symbols and events normally associated with Halloween and are visualized mostly in our featured 30 spooky Halloween wallpapers.

Just like last year, we posted our Halloween treat in “2009 Special Halloween Treat: Free Vector Cliparts and Icons, Fonts, Photoshop Brushes and More“, now we are celebrating Halloween again with our “2010 Spooky Halloween Wallpapers” roundup. So if you are already in Halloween mood, start decorating your desktop with some of the spookiest, scariest and cutest Halloween wallpapers for 2010 and enjoy the feast.

1. Halloween Pumpkin Wallpaper by Noko

2. Halloween Wall 3 by bystrawbrry

3. October 2010 Calendar Wallpaper by Kriegs

4. Pumpkin Carriage

5. Halloween Tardis Wallpaper by Aerindarkwater

6. Halloween Wallpaper by Sandara

7. Think Halloween (Apple Mac Halloween Wallpaper) by Zefhar

8. Midnight Forest Halloween from Vladstudio

9. Halloween Trick or Treat from Vladstudio

10. The Two and the Nightmare before Christmas from Vladstudio

11. Tangerine Halloween by Plo

12. Halloween Wallpaper by Cruciald

13. Halloween Pumpkin Burning Lamp

14. Halloween Wallpaper from Netvibes.com

15. Halloween Witch from Netvibes.com

16. Halloween Ghost from Netvibes.com

17. Pumpkin Wallpaper (Photoshop Tutorial) fron Psdtuts+

18. Halloween Wallpaper by decnote

19. Creepy Halloween Wallpaper by E2Brutai

20. Halloween Wallpaper by Eiredream

21. Halloween Wallpaper by Fullversion

22. Halloween Party Wallpaper by Pronouncedyou

23. Halloween Wallpaper by Bishiecake

24. Blue Skulls Halloween Wallpaper by Alexandro

25. Halloween Wallpaper by Peeewax

26. Halloween Night 2010

27. Halloween Pumpkins Wallpaper

28. Dark Halloween Wallpaper

29. Halloween Wallpaper Contest Entry

30. Diablo II Sorceress Wallpaper

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