500+ Ultimate Collection of Wood Texture Images


You will notice a lot of sites are still using wood textures these days. This leads us to conclude that wood textures are still popular among designers. Some say wood texture is the new black, but others would also say that these textures are a thing of the past. Either way you see it, I still love wood backgrounds because it’s so natural and it never failed to make me feel right at home.

So if you’re looking for the right wood texture images, you’ll definitely find something in this over 500 ultimate collection of wood texture images. These are mostly high resolution texture images with some of them tileable. Starting it off with our very own 26 Beautiful and Free High Resolution Wood Textures, browse through all 15 of them or download them all for your design texture image arsenal. After all they’re free. Enjoy!

1. 26 Beautiful and Free High Resolution Wood Textures from Designfreebies.org

2. 9 High Resolution Wood Panel Textures from Fudgegraphics

3. 15 Wood Textures by OneColdCanadian

4. 9 Free Hi Resolution Wood Textures from BittBox

5. 10 Seamless Textures of Uncut Wood by Borysses

6. 10 Seamless Textures of Aged Uncut Wood 2 by Borysses

7. 90 Free Wood Grain High Resolution Textures from Defcon-X

8. 45 Wood Textures by Jammurch

9. 75 High-Quality Free Wood Textures from DesignM.AG

10. 16 Seamless Wood Texture Patterns by Silver

11. 7 Tileable Light Wood Textures from WebTreats ETC

12. 16 Wood Textures: Ultimate Wood Textures 1 by Andrew Miguelez

13. 50 Free Wood Textures from Texturez.com

14. 11 Weathered Board Stock Images by Psychicmind

15. 163 Flat Wood Textures from Mayang.com


  1. Patricia 3 November, 2010 at 23:11

    I’m new to all this adobe stuff and still learning. After I download a file, what application should I use to open them?

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