Free Super High-quality Sky Texture Pack with Lens Flare


Capturing and creating your own sky textures can be both fun and challenging. You have to consider a lot of things like cloud movement, position of the sun, shutter speed and f-stop combination, etc. And while summer is the perfect season to go out there, enjoy the sun and shoot pretty sky landscapes and graceful clouds, most of the time, the weather will not cooperate. So I thought about sharing with you some super high-resolution sky textures, package of 10 sky texture images bundled with 15 lens flare courtesy of our friends from, which you can instantly use for your projects.

All images were shot with 31mpix Hasselblad camera and are available in 3072  x2304 px really hires texture images. You can also purchase their exclusive set of Sky Collection DVD containing 75 31MPIX hi-resolution sky textures by clicking the Sky Collection DVD banner below. You can also avail of 15 extra sky texture images by entering our partner program code “GDFR” in the promo code slot when purchasing.

Now here are our 10 high-resolution sky texture pack preview shots.

And our 15 lens flare image bundle

Now you will ask. How do I use these lens flare?

First, open your sky texture image file in Adobe Photoshop.

Then, open your lens flare file and place it on top of you sky texture image layer.

At this point, the sky texture image is totally covered with lens flare image. To apply the lens flare effect, open the Layer Palette, select the Lens Flare layer and set the Blending Mode to “Screen” (see our sample layer palette screenshot below).

Here’s our sky texture finished product with lens flare applied.

These images may be used for any commercial or personal projects but may not be redistributed or sold in any way. Download the sky texture and lens flare JPG image package from the link provided below.

10 Super High-quality Sky Texture Pack with 15 Lens Flare


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