Free Background Images: More Fabrics and Quilts


Previously we shared similar background images of fabrics and curtains. Now we have more fabrics plus quilts. All 151 images contained in one big package. If you want some homely, cozy and comfortable feel on your designs then maybe you can try these fabrics and quilts as backgrounds or textures to some of your design elements. But if you’re a quilter who accidentally came into this page, then feel free also to download these images as you might find some interesting patterns for your next quilting project in here.

These images are provided free under Creative Commons License for your personal use. And for this particular set, commercial use is allowed. However, they may not be redistributed or sold, individually or as a package. I would be grateful for a link back to this site [] if you do use the images on a personal or commercial Web page.


Here are some sample thumbs of some of the images included in the package. Download link is provided below. Enjoy.


Download link:
Free Background Images: 151 Fabrics and Quilts – 45.6MB


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