Free and Exclusive High Resolution Floral Close-ups


Graphic Design Free Resources is throwing out some exclusive “Premium” high resolution floral close-ups for FREE. This is a rare opportunity for everyone looking for some beautiful backgrounds like floral close-up photographs in wonderful vivid and attractive colors.

This is just a primer of these kind of image offering from GDFR. We will try to see if there’s a good demand for these kind of images and we will post some more. So please post up some comments if you like it. And for those who really want to get the complete compilation of floral close-up images (around 140 images), plus additional hi-resolution texture backgrounds, here’s what you should do:

  1. Promote this post (link) to different places as many as you want (on your own blog, twitter, digg, etc.)
    Ex. (twitter)Graphic Design Free Resources offering Free and Exclusive Hi-res Floral Backgrounds at http://this-post-url
  2. Email me the links at
  3. And wait for our announcement after the promo period (March 14, 2009)

You may submit until March 14, 2009. We will tally everything and top 3 to promote with the most number of links get the package.

These are royalty free photos we bought sometime ago which would like to give away to those who might need them but doesn’t have the budget to pay for similarly priced stock photos.

Here’s the first dozen of free floral close-ups:

Floral Background No. 939
Size: 3885 x 2565 px; 3.04MB

Floral Background No. 848
Size: 3885 x 2565 px; 2.82MB

Floral Background No. 855
Size: 3885 x 2565 px; 3.36MB

Floral Background No. 869
Size: 3885 x 2565 px; 3.71MB

Floral Background No. 872
Size: 3885 x 2565 px; 3.77MB

Floral Background No. 883
Size: 3885 x 2565 px; 3.11MB

Floral Background No. 903
Size: 3885 x 2565 px; 3.77MB

Floral Background No. 907
Size: 3885 x 2565 px; 3.44MB

Floral Background No. 914
Size: 3885 x 2565 px; 3.54MB

Floral Background No. 915
Size: 3885 x 2565 px; 3.4MB

Floral Background No. 930
Size: 3885 x 2565 px; 3.96MB

Floral Background No. 932
Size: 3885 x 2565 px; 3.37MB


  1. Britany Beltrain 28 November, 2010 at 22:22

    It sounds interesting as far as I understood , but if anyone could translate this to German, it would be great for me to get the idea better. I hope to come back and check this out later.

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