400+ Free Valentine Textures and Backgrounds


It’s February and most certainly, love is in the air. Whether you admit it or not, you thought about Valentine’s day one way or the other. Whatever your status is single or double, with or without a Valentine date, you thought about what you will be doing on Valentines day. And it’s between dating and dining someone on a fancy restaurant and watching some cheesy romantic movie alone in your room, it’s definitely hard not to.

Well, here’s something that you can do for Valentine’s day. Why don’t you design some nice Valentine cards, banners, posters, wallpapers, web page, or any lovely and creative designs that you can think of using these free amazing collection of Valentine textures and backgrounds and send it to someone you dearly love. It doesn’t necessarily be someone you romantically like but anyone special and close to your heart like your parents, siblings, relatives and friends. Love is for everyone who choose to love and there’s always someone for everyone this Valentine’s day. Enjoy these lovely freebies!

10 Vintage Valentine Paper Textures

4 Valentine Card Background Vector Backgrounds

306 Romantic Textures by Sabrina (inthename)

5 Seamless Texture Images by Patrick Hoesly

20 Valentine Tile Textures by Lizabeth0606

6 Valentine’s Day Textures by Une Bella

5 Coffeeshop Valentine Textures

5 Valentine Scrapbook Background Images by Alleyah

39 Valentine Paper Textures by Taste my beat

20 Valentine Texture Patterns by Ruthhenia Alba


  1. Online Web Design Contest 4 February, 2010 at 20:00

    Valentines day is around and everyone are busy in designing the sites and even me too. I especially liked the Patrick Hoesly design and now with the help of that I going to design something creative and then post it in a contest running by grafikguru.com

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