240 Free Images of Flower Fields and Gardens


As I was going through my archives, I found 240 images of flowers, flower fields and gardens. These are images that I accumulated some years ago which I used for several real estate and garden brochure and website projects. I decided to share all these images with you as someone might need these for similar house and garden design projects. They may not be as high resolution as with our other image freebies, but they can still look pretty good on print even as large backgrounds for a standard sized brochure or flyer. Most of these images are sized around 5 x 4 inches with decent 240 dpi resolutions.


These images are royalty free stock photos that you can freely use. All 240 images are previewed in thumbs below. Download link is provided down. Enjoy.


Download link:
240 Free Images of Flower Fields and Gardens – 54.83MB


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