Early 2010 Best of Vector Tutorials in Adobe Illustrator


Hello everyone! Time flies so fast when you’re having fun or you’re doing something you enjoy so much. I am saying this because I am having such a great time doing designfreebies that I missed celebrating it’s one year anniversary February last month. Although I admit I’m also busy with my regular job and other things as well, but I missed it nonetheless and designfreebies is one year old exactly on February 17 last month (not counting a month or so when it initially started in Blogspot).

And in this regard, I would like to thank everyone who visited this blog and appreciated all the design freebies I shared. Special thanks also goes to thousands of our regular subscribers. And huge huge thanks goes to our sponsors and those who donated and helped keep designfreebies running. Thank you and hopefully I’ll be able to share more and better design freebies on its second year and beyond.

Now let’s talk about today’s article. Since I haven’t done any tutorials here in designfreebies for quite some time now, I decided to look around and gather some of the best and freshest Adobe Illustrator vector tutorials for 2010. Rounded them up and came with a dozen early 2010 best vector tutorials. Please take a moment to review and learn from some of these fantastic Adobe Illustrator design tutorial articles from around the web.

1. Creating a Les Paul Guitar in Illustrator

Craig of Madtuts showed us an in-depth tutorial on creating a highly detailed Les Paul guitar in Adobe Illustrator.

2. Create A Cute Vector Octopus in Illustrator with Simple Shapes

This is a very simple and straightforward tutorial about creating simple shapes and using the Pathfinder tools to manipulate them to create your very own cute vector octopus.

3. Illustrator tutorial: create a 6-egg box

An interesting tutorial about creating some eggs inside an egg box using simple 3D and lighting effects in Illustrator.

4. Create A Mouthwatering Chocolate Covered Strawberry

This is an intermediate level vector tutorial using Adobe Illustrator CS4 where you will learn how to use Ellipse tool, Pencil tool, Pathfinder panel, Gradient panel, and Custom Art Brushes to create a mouthwatering strawberry covered with chocolate.

5. Illustrator tutorial: create a yummy vector cupcake

After indulging yourself with the choco strawberry, here’s another one from Pehaa, creating a yummy vector cupcake in Adobe Illustrator CS4 with downloadable source file ai file.

6. Create An Editable Metal Type Treatment

Vectips shared with us this simple yet amazing tutorial that uses the Appearance panel to create a type treatment that is fully editable when it is done.

7. Create A Briefcase Icon

Another great vector tutorial from Vectips using basic shapes, gradient and other effects in Illustrator to create a cool briefcase icon that you can also apply similar techniques to other icons, logos and illustrations.

8. Create a Colorful, Vector Carnival Mask

A highly detailed vector tutorial from vector tuts+. This colorful mask was intricately drawn and every detail explained.

9. Create a Stylized First Aid Icon in Illustrator

This tutorial uses a combination of craft and Illustrator’s 3D tools to create a first aid icon. Techniques learned from this tutorial is also applicable to other realistic round edged vector icons and illustrations.

10. Creating a Toaster-Popping Illustration

Another great vector tutorial from Vector Tuts+. This tutorial demonstrated effectively the use of Illustrator 3D tools, gradients and the not so often used but absolutely useful Chrome effect.

11. Illustrator Tutorial: Vector Handphone

Check out this tutorial to learn how to create your own cool gadget like this vector handphone in Adobe Illustrator using simple shape tools and gradients.

12. Draw a beautiful female character

Aimonkey shows us how to create a beautiful female cartoon character in Adobe Illustrator using path tool and some basic shapes.


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