Frog on a Glass Window – Using Photoshop


This tutorial is a variation of another similar Photoshop tutorial, frog silhouette on a leaf, replacing the leaf with glass to make it more dramatic and interesting.

We will be using this nice wet glass window with water droplets shot. But you can use any transparent or semi-transparent material to replace the glass window. First things first, of course, fire up your Photoshop application, then open the glass window image.


In a new layer, select Pen tool and create a shape silhouette of a frog.


Make a selection and fill it up with black. Afterwhich, duplicate the layer (you will need 2 copies of silhouette). Hide one of duplicates.


Create a layer mask on the duplicate. Then, with large soft white brush, draw inside the mask to only reveal parts of frog silhouette touching the leaf.


Then, hide this layer. Select the solid black silhouette layer, apply Gaussian Blur (with large radius, 10-30 px, I used 10px), and set layer opacity to 90%.


Setting both layers to visible, here is how all our layers look together.


Almost done. A few finishing touches: create new layer between frog silhouettes and the glass, set layer blend mode to overlay, select very large white brush (300px or more) and put very big dot to intensify our light source.


And finally, to have our excuse not to add some details on the frog, let’s make our glass window frosted by using the Glass Filter effect. Go to Filter>Distort>Glass and apply the following settings.


And here’s our final image.


That’s all!

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