20 Amazing Photoshop Tutorials in Digital Painting


I grew up learning traditional painting and have also seen how digital painting emerged, opening a new era in visual arts. Digital painting is applied using digital tools such as a computer, a digitizing tablet with stylus, and softwares like Corel Painter, ArtRage, openCanvas, GIMP, PaintShop Pro and the most widely used and popular Adobe Photoshop. All these digital tools are used to try to mimic what traditional media has, like utilizing different kinds of digital brushes and effects.

Digital painting is also similar to a traditional painting environment minus the mess. Of course, who wouldn’t miss, aside from the mess, the smell of oil and acrylic paints, and the emotional strokes your brushes create against the canvass. Admittedly, I do. Many times I wanted to try doing oil again but never got the time. But definitely I want to try some digital painting myself, probably on my leisure time, if I can afford one.

There has been always debates on which is better, much like the traditional vs digital photography debate. And there will always be drawbacks and benefits. While digital painting gives the artist ease of working in a virtual, organized and mess-free environment, a lot of traditional artist will argue that there is more control when you are holding a physical brush in your hand and there will always be something missing that the digital world can’t provide.

In as much as I want to talk more about digital and traditional painting, there are much more information and resources around that you can read comparing both. And if you really want to learn more and perhaps master the art of digital painting, there’s nothing much better than to learn it using Adobe Photoshop. There are a lot of digital painting tutorials around but most of them are non-Photoshop or combinations of Photoshop and 3D or other softwares. But most of us are only familiar with Photoshop, so I gathered purely Photoshop tutorials that discusses in details the process, techniques and tips you’ll need to learn and master digital painting. So here are 20 awesome Photoshop tutorials that you can read through and learn. Enjoy!

1. Photoshop Painting Tutorial by Ionen


2. The Making of Frodo by Vishal Pawar


3. The Making of Aretha Franklin by Jason Seiler


4. Portrait of Nathan by Jason Seiler


5. The Making of Halloween Witch by Amber Chen


6. Bioshock Videogame Digital Painting by Roberto Campus


7. Landscape Painting with Photoshop by Alain Descamps


8. Me and Louie’s Sister by Daniel Hammonds


9. Painting a Tree Frog by Richard Harris


10. First Digital Painting Tutorial by Ethe


11. Little Panda Girl Digital Painting Video Tutorial by Rodney Mella


12. Making of Naughty Robot by gigsmella


13. Photoshop Concept Car Tutorial by Martin Tyminski


14. Do You Want to Play With Me? by Mélanie


15. Creating a Photoreal 2D Motorcycle by Renze Rispens


16. “Hanagumori” Digital Painting Tutorial by Dianae


17. How to Draw a Portrait in Photoshop by Constantin Potorac


18. Painting Stone and Rock in Photoshop


19. “Aburod Terra” Digital Painting Photoshop Tutorial by Alexiuss


20. “Praetorian” Digital Painting Photoshop Tutorial by Alexiuss


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