10 Tutorials on How to Create Stunning HDR (High Dynamic Range) Images


HDR or High Dynamic Range imaging (also HRDI) is a technique that allows a greater dynamic and wide range of luminances between light (direct sunlight) and dark areas (shadows) of a scene more than normal digital imaging can produce. It is also the process of taking several exposures consisting of a normal, under-exposed and over-exposed shots, and merging them together into one composite HDR image retaining all interesting details from all three exposures. If you really want to delve and learn more about HDR, here’s a good technical read about it, FAQ – HDR images for photography from hdrsoft.com.

I have been fascinated lately on how beautiful these HDR images are. So I took  time to gather some of the best HDR tutorials around to learn more about the techniques used in this interesting photo artistry.

1. Merging HDR in Photoshop CS3 Tutorial from Photoshopcafe.com


This tutorial will teach you how to shoot, merge and tone-map photos to extend the dynamic range and produce those painted looking results.

2. How to create HDR photos with free Qtpfsgui and GIMP from Design live


Now here’s a nice one for users of free and open source softwares Qtpfsgui and Gimp. It also include a simple technique in faking HDR effect using curves.

3. HDR tutorial from a travel photography blog Stuck in Customs


This is one comprehensive tutorial from a real HDR pro using Photomatix and Photoshop. Trey Ratcliff, a seasoned photographer and author of this blog, also authored and published a new book called “A World in HDR” featuring so many stuff about HDR including hundreds of his own gorgeous HDR photos. This tutorial also includes a downloadable pdf version.

4. Tone Mapping HDR tutorial from Second Picture


This HDR tutorial effectively demonstrates HDR using tone mapping in Photomatix Pro 3.0.

5. HDR Tutorial from dannorcott.co.uk


An easy, straight-forward tutorial on how to create HDR photos using Photomatix Pro by HDRsoft.

6. HDR Tutorial with Photoshop post processing techniques from thinsite.net


Another easy to follow HDR tutorial from capturing HDR shots, to Photomatix, to post-processing using Photoshop.

7. HDR Tutorial by Markus Linke


This tutorial explains several ways to capture HDR shots and how to create beautiful high dynamic range HDR-pictures using Photomatix and Photoshop.

8. Photomatix Pro HDR tutorial from Before the Coffee


A highly detailed and informative tutorial on HDR using Photomatix Pro.

9. HDR Tutorial Guide from Vanilla Days


Another comprehensive guide on HDR authored by an extraordinary photographer and HDR expert Pete Carr.

10. Single Image HDR Creation from Beyond Pixels


And finaly, a tutorial on how to create a well cooked HDR using just a single image.

That’s it. I hope you get the most out of all those HDR tutorials to create your own stunning HDR images. You are also welcome to showcase your own HDR photos. Just include the links to your images in your comment.


  1. mahendra raj gautam 12 November, 2009 at 15:28

    i really enjoy it. its really beautyful. i used the images to be free from all my tensoins. thank you very much. wish u all the best.

  2. First attempt at HDR 13 October, 2010 at 00:19

    […] This guy produces stunning HDR's and explains very clearly and humourously how he does it. Dave. 10 Tutorials on How to Create Stunning HDR (High Dynamic Range) Images | Graphic Design Free Resourc… Stuck In Customs HDR […]

  3. second attempt at HDR 21 October, 2010 at 04:38

    […] Hi If you re-read your first attempt at HDR post I left you a couple of links that might help you. They are very informative. Dave 10 Tutorials on How to Create Stunning HDR (High Dynamic Range) Images | Graphic Design Free Resourc… […]

  4. First attemt at HDR; EMPAC @RPI 1 November, 2010 at 03:34

    […] Hi, This is subtle as far as HDR goes. Almost to the point that somewhere amongst the shots you took, there's probably one very similar to it. I'm surprised the road in the foreground remains so dark and under-exposed especially with the range you used to get the final image. The building itself has some great colours and personally I would like to have been closer to it and to have not had so much uninteresting road. The sky is nice also and is vivid and bright. I think these two elements are the best of this image, and needed to fill the frame. Below is a link that has some excellent tutorials. Dave 10 Tutorials on How to Create Stunning HDR (High Dynamic Range) Images | Graphic Design Free Resourc… […]

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