Free Twitter Background Templates in Photoshop PSD: Paperworks


For today’s free Twitter backgrounds, we are featuring something special for everyone. I’m calling it “paperworks”. These are three special paper backgrounds with some dramatic elements added like notepads, coffee stains, and some objects like pencil, a ticket and the usual polaroid photo which you can replace with your own portrait. All of these objects are layered separately so you can easily manipulate everything to suit your own taste. If you are bored with your usual flat Twitter background image, then these images are worth a try.

As with our previous Twitter backgrounds, these Twitter background templates are in Photoshop PSD files. All PSD files are neatly layered for easy customization. You may want to reshuffle and adjust elements or remove everything and just retain the background and add your own objects. Or you can simply use the PSD file as your guide should you decide to create an entirely different Twitter background. Do whatever you want to make your own cool Twitter page.

Here’s an actual size preview of paper background no. 3.


Smaller preview images of all three background templates are shown below. Download link is provided further down. Enjoy!

Twitter Backround Template: Paper No. 1

Twitter Backround Template: Paper No. 2

Twitter Backround Template: Paper No. 3

Download links:
Free Twitter Background Template: Paper No. 1 – 5.7MB
Free Twitter Background Template: Paper No. 2 – 6.2MB
Free Twitter Background Template: Paper No. 3 – 7.5MB


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