Free Twitter Background Templates in Photoshop (PSD)


I’ve been itching to redesign my Twitter background since weekend but couldn’t find time to do anything until today. I still haven’t done mine but I managed to do three nice twitter background templates in Photoshop. These templates come in three color flavors, green, blue and orange. Document dimensions are 1600 pixels wide and 1200 pixels height. Enough to cover most of today’s monitor resolutions (standard 17-inch monitors use 1280 x 1024). You can still adjust the size if you want. The background images still have some spare spaces to cover larger dimensions.

You can replace the polaroid photos on the upper left hand corner and customize it with your own photos or graphics. They are neatly layered and masked (see image of layers below) for easy customization. You can also replace or customize the twitter button below (courtesy of icontexto), which is also placed on a separate layer. You can also add more text/content (your desciption, website links, etc.)  or your own logo below the polaroid photos.


After you’re done customizing your background, just save it in JPG or PNG (use Save for Web & Devices option and make sure it’s less than 800KB), head on to your twitter account, and fire away your new cool Twitter background. Oh and one more thing… before you save your background image, don’t forget to hide the middle content. I know you know that… I’m just reminding. Enjoy!

Green Twitter Background

Blue Twitter Background

Orange Twitter Background

Download link:
Free Twitter Background Photoshop Templates – 14.5MB


  1. Kristy 25 February, 2011 at 07:00

    Brilliant….I didnt actually know the twitter background could be changed.

    Gonna pick one of the above and play around with it.

    Thanks again

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