Free Exclusive Facebook Timeline Cover Template in Photoshop PSD


We have seen a lot of really cool and very creative Facebook timeline covers around and most of us wonder how to create those kind of custom Facebook timeline covers. It’s quite easy. You just need to know the dimensions of the timeline cover and profile photo, fire away your favorite graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop then save and upload to your Facebook account.

The current Facebook cover/banner picture dimension is 851 x 315 pixels. Inside that and somewhere on the lower left is your profile picture measuring 160 x 160 pixels. Please take note that this is the latest profile picture size updated by Facebook on April 26, 2012. The previous profile picture dimension is 134 x 134. When Facebook automatically made this update, many users and brands were dumbfounded and was asking why their profile pictures were now so blurry and misaligned. There are many outdated templates around so please first the profile picture size before you use them.

Below is a sample timeline cover design created using our free Photoshop template. You will just provide your own photos and other content to create your very own custom Facebook timeline cover. The picture frames were already masked so you just have to paste your photo, adjust and position them nicely over the polaroid picture frames. This template is all layered so could easily manipulate all design elements. In this template, you also have 18 different backgrounds to choose from including grunge, fabric, paper, abstract, sky and wood textures and backgrounds (see the 3 samples with different backgrounds below).

Aside from the sample design shown below, there are many other extra design elements included in the template that you can use to create an entirely different design. Contained in a separate layer are extra design elements that includes pins, tacks, notepads, frames and many more.

Download the psd template from the link provided below and have fun creating your own custom Facebook timeline cover.

Sample timeline cover design

Free Facebook timeline cover psd template design 1

Few samples with different backgrounds

Free Facebook timeline cover psd template design 2

Free Facebook timeline cover psd template design 3

Free Facebook timeline cover psd template design 4

Preview of the blank timeline cover psd template

Free Facebook timeline cover psd template blank

Download link:
Free exclusive Facebook timeline cover template in PSD – 37mb


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