Free PowerPoint Templates: 7 More Premium Designs


A lot of readers enjoyed the previous PowerPoint template freebie we had and was asking for few more. So here are seven more premium PowerPoint templates that you can freely download and customize for your presentation.

I would like to add a few more PowerPoint tips before we continue with the freebies. These are just a few short points categorized into two, visual/design and general presentation tips.

Visual and design tips (general design tips)
1. Keep your background consistent and subtle as possible.
2. Limit text usage when using charts or graphs to explain clearly label the graphic.
3. Keep your design clean and uncluttered. Leave enough empty spaces around text and graphics
4. Use only quality cliparts or illustrations, and use it sparingly.
5. Try to use the same style of graphics throughout your presentation
6. Check all graphics on a projection screen before the actual presentation.
7. Avoid flashy graphics and noisy animation effects or anything that will distract your viewers attention to your presentation.
8. Use page transitions sparingly. It is better to use only one so your audience knows what to expect.

General Presentation Tips
1. Do not parrot the presentation. Pesentation works best with spoken remarks that augment and discuss, rather than mimic, what’s on the screen.
2. Time your remarks. A well-orchestrated presentation brings up a new slide, gives the audience enough time to read and digest it, then follows up with remarks that broaden and amplify what’s on the screen.
3. If the content is complex, print out the slides as handouts so the audience can take notes.
4. Do not turn your back on the audience. Try to position the monitor so you can speak from it.
5. Edit ruthlessly before presenting. Check thoroughly spelling and grammar.

Cover page preview of the seven templates are shown below.

Download link:
7 PowerPoint Template – Premium Designs Set 2 – 6.28MB


  1. Randy Lopez 21 October, 2009 at 08:18

    These are pretty awesome ppts, how ever i am unable to open them, what program do you suggest?

  2. marwa 29 June, 2010 at 03:40

    very good but i want to down load some templates to use it in my presentations for free

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