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Designing folders can sometimes be exasperating. It is similar to designing packaging materials where you have to accurately measure and provide die cutting and folding guides. I normally re-use some of these folder layouts as templates. There are a lot of folder design variations, from the simple two panel flat folder design to an elaborately shaped gate-opening type of design. My usual favorite is the three panel type of design with a pocket on one panel, either in the middle or rightmost panel. And this is exactly what I would like to share today. A free InDesign template of a folder which you can use for a presentation or company folder.


This folder has three panels and a folding type holder (pocket) in the middle. The pocket has die cuts for a business card holder. The folder is measured 220 mm by 305 mm per panel (folded size) or 680 mm by 395 mm spread (including middle pocket),  with a 1 cm thick spine which can hold plenty of document inserts.

Below are preview images of the outer and inner spread.

Outer Spread

Inner Spread

Here’s a closer look at the cutting and folding guides.


The cutting and folding guides are in a separate layer which you can either show or hide. The guides are applied with registration color so it will only appear as registration marks in the final print even if you make them visible in your pre-press file.

Main source file is in Adobe InDesign CS4 version for Windows, packaged with the included image link and fonts. Another link is provided for the InDesign Interchange (.inx) file in case you have a lower version (CS3) or using an Apple Mac instead.

Download links:
Free InDesign Template of Presentation Folder – 15.3MB
Free InDesign Template of Presentation Folder (.INX)


  1. Lee Sharp 7 August, 2009 at 02:01


    I downloaded the Free InDesign Template of Presentation Folder (.INX), for Indisign CS3 use, but it was only 34 KB and no content.

    Please correct the error of the file, and e-mail me by attaching said file or indicate where the full file is for download.



  2. Graphire 8 August, 2009 at 22:24

    Hi Lee. Yes the INX file is indeed that small, 34kb. Extracted, you’ll get a 204kb INX file. It’s small because it only contains text and vectors, and no external or embedded images. If you want to re-link the images, you’ll have to download the bigger archive file. I downloaded the INX archive again just to make sure, it still contain the INX file inside. I’ll try to email you the INX file. Thanks.

  3. Aaron 21 January, 2011 at 05:31

    Thanks for this… but the .indd file link is no longer working. Inx one still works apparently. Any chance you can repost the indd one?

    All the best.

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