Free InDesign Template with Predefined Paragraph Style Sheets


I have been using Adobe InDesign since it was still Adobe Pagemaker 3.0. Yes that long. I also remember using Xerox Ventura, Pagemaker’s counterpart back then. With all these years of working with InDesign and doing different kinds of publications, I have long learned how valuable and important using paragraph style sheets are. And if you’ve ever formatted large amounts of text in Adobe InDesign or Quark and then had to change text and paragraph formatting like fonts, colours, character sizes or leadings of all of your headings or body text, you’ll know how time consuming it can be. It will take ages to go through large documents changing the attributes for each bit of text. It’s also an unreliable way to work where things can be easily missed or overlooked.

Creating an InDesign style sheet is very simple. You simply create a couple of paragraphs and headings in InDesign. Then format the text in any way you like. When you’re happy with your paragraphs, click anywhere within the paragraph you’d like to define. Open the Paragraph Styles Palette by selecting Window > Type & Tables > Paragraph Styles. From the scrolldown submenu in the upper right corner of the paragraph styles palette, select New Paragraph Style and it will expand to reveal a dialogue box. From there, you can further define details and attributes of your paragraph.


To make it easier for you and to give every InDesign user a head start in creating paragraph style sheets, I have created an InDesign template with predefined paragraph style sheets that are commonly used in long documents like books, magazines and reports. This is the basic paragraph style sheet I personally use. I just do some adjustments to fit a particular design I’m working on. The template is using Myriad Pro font but you can change the font and easily adjust a lot of its attributes in the edit paragraph dialogue box.

Here’s a preview of the style sheets contained in the template.





The archive file provided in the download link below contains 3 files, Adobe InDesign CS4 .ai, InDesign Interchange .inx, and a pdf containing full preview of the two pager template.

Download link:
Free InDesign Template with Predefined Paragraph Style Sheets – 2.13MB


  1. Tom 22 October, 2010 at 01:23

    Hi, I’d like to use this template, but I’m still working with CS3.
    Could there be a solution for this?
    Thanks, Tom

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